Thinking About Selling Your Home For Sale by Owner? 

Selling a home is an arduous process filled with hurdles and red tape. In addition to marketing and advertising, coordinating the shuffle of paperwork to lenders, title companies and scheduling inspections, there are added legal implications that could cost you a large sum of money and legal headaches if a real estate transaction is not executed properly. Many sellers try to sell their home themselves as For Sale by Owner in an attempt to save money. But, after comparing the small upside cost of paying a REALTOR® a commission for their services, versus the large downside legal risks, it would be less than wise to consider a deal in real estate  without the professional assistance of a REALTOR.

Why Do You Need a REALTOR?

Not all real estate agents are equal. Only a real estate agent who belongs to he nationwide real estate trade association,     NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS®, can call themselves a REALTOR. REALTORS are committed to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics based on treating all parties to a transaction honestly and are expected to maintain a higher level of knowledge of  selling and buying real estate through regular continuing education courses. Here are some good reasons why you need a REALTOR:

A Realtor will guide you step-by-step through the home selling process, from marketing and advertising, to contract negotiations and closing.

Statistics show that a home listed with a REALTOR is sold in much less time and for the most amount of money possible.

Employing the expertise of a  REALTOR gives a seller peace of mind knowing their home is properly advertised and marketed.

Before a prospective buyer views your home, a REALTOR will pre-screen all qualified prospects in order to insure the buyer is financially prepared to purchase your home.

For your security, you do not have to allow strangers into your home because a REALTOR, either the listing or the buyer agent, will accompany all prospects.

A REALTOR gives a seller added protection against buyers who have less than good and honest intentions.

A seller who employs the professional assistance of a REALTOR can help lower the risks involved in a real estate transaction.

REALTORS have added access to a variety of informational and networking resources through reverse prospecting.

You will have more time to concentrate on other aspects of moving when a REALTOR takes care of coordinating with all respective agencies to bring your home sale to a successful close. 

Selling a home is a big financial and legal risk for both seller and buyer. Today, most homes cost more than $150,000. If you had a $150,000  legal question, would you not employ the help of an attorney? If you needed surgery, would you operate on yourself?  Or, if you had a $150,000 income tax problem, would you try to solve it without an accountant? Do you have the time and resources available to do the job yourself? And, if you are a do-it-yourself person, would the results be as good as if you had the professional assistance of a REALTOR? We can help. Give us a call for ain-home, no pressure, presentation. 

Did You Know There Are Approximately 26 Service Providers Needed  When You Sell Your Home? 

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Entering into a real estate transaction has legal consequences.
Realtors® are not attorneys.  If you do not understand the consequences associated with

a real estate transaction, you should consult your attorney.