Seller's Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Selling a home takes much more than putting a sign in the yard.  Your Realtor® should have a marketing plan from the beginning to end, before it’s put on the market through closing.  Your Realtor should keep you updated on showings and posted on what real estate is doing in your neighborhood during the listing period.

During contract negotiations and acceptance, your Realtor should be available to assist and answer questions at every phase of the process.  Find out up front what your Realtor charges for their services.  Specifically ask if there are any additional fees on top of the commission charge.  Does your Realtor work for an agency that cooperates with other brokerages or are they highly competitive?

Finally, your Realtor should conduct business in an honest and professional manner, not using high pressure sales tactics, while looking out for your best interests.

Our main objective is to find a qualified buyer for your home in the least amount of time.  To do this, you need more exposure than just a sign in your front yard or adding your home to the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  Here is our comprehensive, step-by-step plan for assisting you in selling your home.

    Statistics show that a home listed with a REALTOR® is sold in much less time and for the most amount of money possible.

    A REALTOR® gives a seller added peace of mind knowing they have a professional assisting them through closing.

Our Comprehensive Seller’s Plan Entails:

 ■ appropriately price your home according to your time frame and objectives,and your home’s condition and location 

■ on-site full-size, color flyers with attractive photos

■ an attractive yard sign that includes your agent's direct cell number to personally respond to inquiries and showings

■ the MLS will do more than advertise your home.  We will showcase your home with detailed descriptions of your home's features along with many beautiful photos and a spectacular virtual tour

■ automatically advertise your home to millions of real estate agents and to the general public via our expanded membership on, and on our website

■ directly inform other local agents and homeowners in your neighborhood of your home's availability and features through reverse prospecting

■ keep you posted on your home’s showing activity and local real estate in your area so that a price adjustment can be made based upon supply and demand and competition

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All information contained herein is not guaranteed and is subject to verification.

Entering into a real estate transaction has legal consequences.
Realtors® are not attorneys.  If you do not understand the consequences associated with

a real estate transaction, you should consult your attorney.