Our Flexible Fee Schedule 


 Setting A Higher Standard 

There are lots of real estate agents that discount their fees, but also give discounted service.  We don’t bother taking a listing if we don’t believe we can bring you lots of showings and a buyer, and we do this by market saturation and spectacular photos and virtual tour.

Then there are larger agencies that want to take more of your equity by charging 7 or 8 percent!  But, we are a brokerage that charges less than the big guys, but gives the best customer service.

We offer a flexible fee schedule to get your business and to save you money, but we never sacrifice quality customer care.

We're not a discount agency.  We're simply Full Service For Less and we believe in Setting A Higher Standard in the industry.

The bottom line in any service agreement is what it costs and what you get for that service.  We disclose that for you up front so you don't ever have to question or haggle fees.

We earn our commission, and we know what works and what doesn't when it comes to finding a buyer for your home.

 For Buyers

What do we charge for assisting buyers?

Absolutely nothing if you buy an MLS listed home!  Don't worry, we will only show you MLS properties unless you specifically ask for our help on a FSBO.  Otherwise, we make our commission that is offered by the seller on an MLS property.  For more info, check out the Thinking About Buying A Home For Sale by Owner? article under the Buyer Information tab. 

For Sellers 


You will get professional photos and a virtual tour for expanded web marketing on Realtor.com and many more real estate sites on the internet.  Your property sells through the Multiple Listing Service and the commission is shared with the agent who brings a buyer.

We assist you as a Listing Agent; the selling agent assists the buyer as a Buyers Agent.


We will do exactly the same thing at the 6% rate above, but will only charge you 5% if you purchase your next home through us.

We assist you as a Listing Agent on your current home and we assist you as a Buyers Agent on your next home.


We will do the same thing at the 6% rate, but will only charge you 5% if we find the buyer by listing your home in the Multiple Listing Service, write and service the contract to closing.

We assist both you and the buyer as a Dual Agent.  There is no other agent involved.

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