Selling Your Home With Confidence

Putting Your Mind At Ease

Selling your house can be both an emotional and intimidating experience.  After all, your home is much more than a building.  It's an extension of yourself marked with your personality, tastes, lifestyle and memories, not to mention your life savings.

Given the complex personal and financial decision involved, enlisting the help of an experienced and objective real estate professional, a Realtor® can save you time, frustration, and potentially thousands of dollars.

We've been helping buyers and sellers for over 14 years and we know what it takes for a home to sell at the best possible price, in the least amount of time.

From establishing your asking price to protecting you from unexpected turns, we'll take care of the details so you can concentrate on moving.

Our Philosophy

When asked what we do for a living, we answer by saying that we help people buy and sell houses.   We never that say we sell houses because a home should sell itself.  Instead, we advocate and educate, which means we assist clients by educating them on the process of home selling and buying.

Buyers don't want to be sold a product.  They'd rather make an educated decision.  Sellers don't want an agent to take a listing just for the sake of taking a listing.  They want honest and objective advice on how to make the best impression during showings.  Thankfully, the days of the "used car salesman" approach are slowly being replaced by agents who give service through advocacy and do more than just put a sign in a front yard.  We are here to assist you in selling your home based upon your goals.  We understand that you have many choices in real estate.  Real estate companies come in all sizes from the nation-wide franchise to the family owned brokerage, and it's our goal to educate the public on how to choose an agent by Setting A Higher Standard.  


Experience Speaks For Itself

The number of years a real estate agent has been working in the industry should not be the only factor in deciding which agent to hire.  We have over 25 years of customer service experience in various industries, including environmental engineering and residential short sales and foreclosures, property management, and nursing.

Not only are we real estate agents, we are Realtors® with e-Pro and SRES designations who specialize in residential properties of various sizes and price ranges.  We also possess a knack for interior decorating, photography, and marketing and advertising.

Let Us Show You What We Can Do For You

There are many discount brokerages toting different listing packages based on level of service.  Why would an agent bother taking a listing if  they don't dedicate to the highest level of service possible that produces results?  We only offer one level of service to all our clients, and that's our best!

We are prepared to show you the value we will bring to your home sale and how to get the most for your money when hiring an agent, and why a discount brokerage or a franchise may not be your best choice.

Arter PROPERTIES is not a discount brokerage.  Instead, we offer Full Service For Less compared to the large franchises who have huge overhead costs.  Few agents posses the skills and knowledge to do what we do for our clients.  And, we do it for less!  

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All information contained herein is not guaranteed and is subject to verification.

Entering into a real estate transaction has legal consequences.
Realtors® are not attorneys.  If you do not understand the consequences associated with
a real estate transaction, you should consult your attorney.